Why We Aren’t All Helping

A majority of people think that the ocean is important but do not believe that there duty to do anything about it by believing “Distance negates Responsibility” (Phiper). People believe that the impacts they put on the ocean do not matter or their impact is too small to impact anything. However the small amount of pollution that each person puts into the ocean does matter, it accumulates over time.  According to Discovery News the average American produces 600 pounds of garbage a year, and the amount of plastic each person puts into the ocean each year would be too heavy for one person to lift. If this trend continues then the oceans will soon no longer be swim or fishable because the amounts of excess plastic.   Many people also do not see what happens to garbage after it is taken away by the garbage trucks. Or have any knowledge of what happens to nuclear waste and some sewage. In many cases these cycles end up emptying or dumping into the ocean to save money. These actions may be illegal it still happens every day.

Humans are taught to take the ‘path of least resistance’ throughout our life span. The path sometimes is portrayed as laziness. This may be true in some instances but I blame it on learning wrong as we were young. We pollute the ocean with plastic bottle on our boats because we do not want to carry the trash over to the trashcan back on land. We pollute the waters with toxic waste because it is the easiest thing to do while still being cost effective no matter the consequences of the ocean. This is a sign of laziness and this habit must be broken in order for people to care about their effects on others. If theses lazy habits are not rested soon then the people’s habits will be forced to change because less of the world and its resources will still be available to use.

An often form of refute is denial that this disaster is happening. Some people are in denial that the world is slowly being destroyed by humans and that there is an end point if our non-environmentally friendly habits do not change. These people are in denial because there are so many other issues in the world why should they address all of them. The ocean is just not a priority of some, although it should be because it is 70% of the world we live on. If you are in denial of becoming aware of the environmental changes in the ocean then you are blind to 70% of life around you. 


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