Make A Motion

Make a motion to preserve our oceans, and beaches

Many people know that the ocean needs help but do not know what to do to help protect it. There are many organizations that are built to protect our waters. The ocean affects the lives of people and animals’ everyday weather people think it or not. The ocean water serves as a source of food, gives us valuable minerals, and provides a place for beauty and recreation.

You can help by talking about the ocean, visiting aquariums, enjoying its beauty, and use it as recreation. All of these things will make you aware to how valuable the ocean really is. Not value as the average person thinks about it as in money but as in a sentimental value that cannot be replaced. You can help to preserve the memories of beaches and the oceans beautyby participating in local coastal cleanups, by picking up that one piece of trash you see floating by as you are boating, and by most importantly, not polluting the oceans or beaches yourself. Make a motion for the ocean.

Learn more at: Surf Rider Foundation: Dedicated to protecting our ocean, waves, and beaches.

Make a pledge to help protect our oceans at: Save My Oceans. Helping seas the day. Brought to you by Disneynature production, associated with the film “Oceans.”

Donate to: Conservation for the Ocean Foundation. Supporting grassroots-level conservation, education and research projects that bring about positive changes to ecosystems worldwide through local, multi-stakeholder, actions.

Learn more to get involved at: Save Our Seas. Committed to protecting our oceans by funding research, education, awareness and conservation projects focusing on the major threats to the marine environment.

Take part in a Coastal Cleanup at: Ocean Conservancy: Start a sea change.

Watch DisneyNature’s Oceans Trailer


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